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Veranstaltungen an der MNF

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For the best junior scientist presentation, poster or talk.

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Viral DNA tracking by click chemistry

Early Events in Virus Infection

Date of the conference:
August 25-28, 2014

Monte Verità in Ascona

The medical, societal, humanitarian, and economical impact of viral disease around the world is devastating. This conference will be a premier event addressing the interaction between viruses and their host cells, an important and rapidly growing area in virus research. The translation of basic knowledge to new antiviral strategies applicable in medicine is also addressed. The invited experts will outline the state of the art in the areas of virus-host interaction, virus structural biology, screening and bioinformatics technologies, cell biology of viral entry, and the impact of infection on cellular organelles and functions. They will highlight technical challenges and opportunities especially in imaging and screening technologies used to discover new pathways and identify targets for antiviral drugs. Session conveners will entertain lively discussions after invited presentations and short talks from young scientists, and in two dedicated discussion sessions. One session is geared towards screening technologies, and the second aims at identifying approaches to better translate academic discoveries into clinically applicable concepts. Representatives from drug companies are invited to discuss how to increase the connectivity between academia and industry, and thus promote the development of broad-spectrum antiviral agents. The evening poster sessions will be in a congenial and relaxing atmosphere.